Welcome to LXR.

We are data security specialists and work on:

  • data archives
  • data lifecycle management
  • privacy
  • data exchange

Our software LXR supports us and our clients in achieving these goals.

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LXR is a suite of tools to achieve a high level of data security.


LXR cli – command line programs for automating data backup

LXR gui – graphical user interfaces for backup and restore


Blockchain OS – more than just the sum of its parts

Until 2020 we envisage the development of eLyKseeR towards a Blockchain Computer Operating System (BCOS). Features Underpinned Privacy on virtual instances by leveraging on the encrypted filesystem. Enormous Scalability by keeping the configuration in the blockchain. Another instance is ready on new hardware within seconds. Simple maintainability of the Configuration via the blockchain. Improved Security …


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